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If the digitalization of corporate events was an excellent alternative during the COVID-19 health crisis, the practice is now fully rooted in morals. Organize a digital event represents, in fact, a first-choice solution for many companies. In addition, this method has multiple advantages compared to preparing for a traditional physical event: it is less expensive, more respectful of the planet, but also more flexible for organizers and guests. In addition, when the organization relies on adapted tools, the virtual also maximizes The experience of the participants. Digital technology offers businesses a new way of working and interacting remotely. It is transforming the event sector and making it possible to communicate in a different way.

  1. The digital event: a new way of working in the professional world
  2. What are the advantages of digitizing corporate events?The solution is flexible and accessibleDigitizing professional events saves time and money for the company and guestsThe environment is less impacted by the digital eventMeeting the challenges of sustainable development through digital eventsParticipants are more engaged during the live
  3. The different types of external eventsDigital events in events: formats in three stages that enrich the experience of participantsBefore the eventDuring the eventAfter the event

The digital event: a new way of working in the professional world

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to several lockdowns, health restrictions and social distance rules. These have pushed businesses to review their operating methods. Many of them have thus promoted teleworking and the organization of virtual events. This innovative format happened by chance, but it has truly revolutionized the professional environment.Concretely, the event Digitale relies on the use of digital tools and the Internet to create an appointment 100% online. It is thus possible to experience it remotely and to participate in it from your office, from your home or even from abroad. Note that the event can also be hybrid. In which case, it is organized in person and is transcribed virtually simultaneously. The digitization of an event can be done at all scales. It can be:

  • of conferences;
  • workshops with quizzes, competitions, polls, etc.;
  • webinars;
  • seminars;
  • product launches;
  • interviews;
  • trade shows;
  • round tables, etc.

Integrated into a communication strategy, online events can be the source of significant results for the company. And for good reason! The practice is intended to be flexible, inexpensive, and above all, very engaging.

What are the advantages of digitizing corporate events?

Organizing a digital event has certain advantages, whether for the company or the public:

  • the solution is flexible and accessible;
  • it is less expensive than a traditional physical event;
  • its impact on the environment is lower;
  • it improves the participants' experience.

The solution is flexible and accessible

The digital event is both accessible and scalable. Unlike a physical event, it does not limit the number of participants due to a lack of space, for example. In addition, it is possible to adjust the schedule without, however, disrupting the entire planned organization. You simply need to change the settings of the virtual event platform to change the program, add a speaker, or incorporate more interactivity or other animations. In the same way, listeners can be present when they want without having to travel several kilometers. All it takes is one click for the online event to open nationally, or even internationally. This type of content does not impose any barriers relating to geographic distance or the location of the audience. Also note that it is often possible to create a replay. This additional flexibility then increases the impact of the event even more. A guest who could not have been present at the time will still be able to watch the conference that he would have missed later.

Digitizing professional events saves time and money for the company and guests

Another important element is that the digital event saves time and money for organizers, but also for guests. The physical event requires:

  • to book a suitable room;
  • to hire staff to manage the guests;
  • to use an event company if necessary;
  • to contact a caterer or to buy food and drinks;
  • to acquire equipment for the participants (notebooks, pens, etc.);
  • to recruit professionals for the planned entertainments, etc.

All of this organization needs to be available. It also means more outlays. According to a Oxford Economis and Events Industry Council report, on average, in France, corporate events generate $642 in expenses per memberOn the other hand, the technical costs of an online meeting are minimized. The event only requires paying a fee to set up the virtual platform and, in some cases, the purchase of small specific equipment (microphones, speakers, etc.). Certainly, prices may vary according to the objectives and the type of event organized. However, in general, the digital event is often more affordable, because it involves fewer fixed expenses. At the same time, the guests also save money since they do not have to pay travel expenses nor to plan overnight stays in hotels.

The environment is less impacted by the digital event

Organizing a physical corporate event of great importance represents a high environmental impact. Predicting a physical event generates a significant carbon footprint. In particular, this involves:

  • More shows of carbon dioxide (participants travel by car, train, plane, book accommodation, etc.);
  • More than power consumption at the venue of the event (heating, air conditioning, etc.);
  • More than wastes during the evening (because of the catering, for example);
  • plus Of impressions to promote the event (posters, invitation cards, etc.).

Certainly, it is possible to adopt certain actions to be more environmentally friendly during a physical event. For example, it is possible to use materials eCofriendly for furniture, to promote carpooling, to opt for recyclable dishes or to use digital communication media.However, despite these precautions, the carbon consumption of a physical exhibition remains greater than that of an online event, as shown in the table below. [caption id="attachment_4364" align="alignnone” width="1024"]

Source: Voilà's carbon calculator based on an event of 1,000 people and over a period of one day. [/caption] To make your own idea of your impact on the climate with your digital uses, you can easily measure the carbon footprint of emails, streaming or videoconferencing by clicking on this link.

Meeting the challenges of sustainable development through digital events

Prioritizing digital events makes it easier to respond to the challenges of sustainable development. To further improve this CSR approach, at Voilà, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our platform as much as possible. We use specific cloud modalities to limit the carbon footprint of online events, for example. In the same way, our platform largely uses AWS services (Amazon Web Services). The latter is very committed to issues relating to sustainable development. The company wants to reach a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025 and zero carbon by 2040.But beware, business tourism requires an even larger budget since you will have to find a prestigious hotel-restaurant and atypical activities.

Participants are more engaged during the live

The success of an event is measured by the commitment of the participants, that is, their enthusiasm and their level of involvement. In the context of a virtual event, it is important to take certain precautions, as the behaviors of the guests are different. However, by adopting the right actions, methods and adapted activities, it is possible to involve the public to maximize their engagement. The figures are, moreover, quite telling:

Even online, it is possible to involve participants by soliciting them in different ways: through quizzes, 3D modules, questions/answers, games, etc. The important thing is to offer the public a user experience both unique and unprecedented.

Digital technology in events: formats in three stages that enrich the experience of participants

Creating an online event has another advantage: it is experienced before, during, and even after it takes place.

Before the event

A virtual event starts well before Launch of the direct. In fact, it is necessary to manage registrations, present the speakers, announce the program, etc. On average, 15% of participants go to the event web page to find out the practical details surrounding the live or the names of the speakers, for example.

During the event

Of course, the live intervention will take place on the dates and times announced by the company. The latter will then be able to carry out her presentation, discuss directly with the participants and make the guests interact through various animations (chat, questions and answers, quizzes, emojis, word clouds, word clouds, photowall, etc.).

After the event

Once the live is cut, everything does not end. The company can analyze the data collected in order to identify the audience peaks that occurred during the live, as well as all the reactions. Moreover, this data is not only visible after stopping the live stream, but it is good and beautiful data. collected in real time. The organizers can also retrieve all written comments, the percentages in the polls, the ranking of the quiz answers, etc. Finally, a replay is immediately available after the event. You will have understood it, by organizing a digital corporate event, you can still engage your participants. Sometimes it's not necessary to rely solely on a physical event if the objective is to get feedback. Digital technology, and especially with Voilà, knows how to do it perfectly. A digital event is also a more flexible solution in terms of time and money and makes it possible to better respect the planet, especially if the event has a national or even international dimension. These events will be more advantageous for organizers to organize them digitally. Note that it is also possible to do a hybrid event in multi-site: everyone goes to the nearest site for a simultaneous physical event, digital technology ensuring the coherence of the whole (multi-broadcast plenary session, shared interactions). Learn about the top 10 types of business events in the related article.However, it is important to note that for the live to be a success, certain precautions must be taken. In this case, it is essential to select your event platform. Opt for a platform designed to offer a full-fledged digital live experience With engagement features before, during and after events. At Voilà, that's exactly what we offer. Do not hesitate to ask for a demo for more information.Request a demo 🚀

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