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The Conductor

Host a stress-free live with Voilà

You will never forget anything during your live

Panic and stress can quickly set in when hosting a live show. Whether it's a webinar or a live stream, managing multiple tasks simultaneously can become overwhelming. To help you stay zen, organized and offer a dynamic and engaging experience to your audience, Voilà offers you a unique tool that is accessible to everyone: the Conductor.


The Conductor: Script your live

With the Conductor, structure your live by creating chronological chapters. Organize and synchronize your interactive activities effectively with your speech:

🧠 Develop a detailed program, sequence by sequence, to avoid endless monologues.

🎭 Prepare scenes in advance, assigning the floor to each speaker for each sequence (available in the web studio).

🎬 Vary formats: incorporate jingles, slides, videos, and banners to boost your presentation.

🎮 Offer interactive moments to capture and convert your audience.

The Driver is much more than a tool; it is a support for reflection to carefully plan the progress of your live. And refine your Storytelling.

The Conductor: The remote control for your live

Once your script is finalized in the Conductor, simply click on each element to:

🚀 Launch chapters and scenes (available on the web studio)

🎮 Show activities to your participants

📺 Start the credits and jingles.

🖲️ It's as easy and intuitive as changing channels with a remote control.

The Conductor: Your cheat sheet during the live

Have you ever found yourself in these situations?

😱 Are you panicking at the thought of starting your webinar badly by babbling during the introduction?

😮 Afraid of forgetting an important remark you had to make between chapters?

Afraid of forgetting the order of the chapters themselves?

So we added the drynotes: simple editable notes that you will have in front of your eyes for the duration of the live.

Impossible to forget anything!