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Significant Streaming Events
and Webinars

Turn your
plenary sessions
into broadcasts.

We firmly believe that live stream video is the new standard of communication, whether to engage, sell or entertain. Voila offers the most versatile, narrative and interactive end-to-end streaming video platform to engage your audiences.

A new narration

Our unique feature: The Conductor

With our conductor functionality, you can pace and synchronize interactive activities with your speech accurately and effectively.

  • Create a detailed program, sequence by sequence, avoiding long speech tunnels.
  • Integrate jingles, slides, videos, and banners to boost your presentation.
  • Offer interactive moments to engage and convert your audience.

A new look

The true TV codes for an impeccable brand image

Use our fully customizable video player to improve the quality of your production.

  • Create custom credits and jingles to set the tone for your speech.
  • Integrate the graphic elements of your brand (customizable backgrounds, logos, speaker banners, etc.).
  • Maintain total control over your brand image.

A new production

Animate and aggregate your set-up with our video control

Discover Voilà Studio and become a master of streaming video production.

  • Animate your content, play with your video files, slides or other files, and your guests and integrate various visual elements.
  • Experience a multitude of possibilities without latency and in HD quality.

A new distribution

Broadcast your content everywhere

  • Broadcast and replay your streaming events in multiple touch points to reach a wider audience.
  • Integrate your content into websites, corporate intranets, media, advertising banners, applications, social networks, and other channels to maximize your visibility.
  • Use Voilà directly in your web browser, without downloading any software.

Discover Voilà and offer engaging streaming experiences to captivate your audience

What they say about us

“During the 2021 edition of VivaTech, the first to be held in a hybrid format, Voilà was able to demonstrate the strength of its player, by being available all over the world and offering high-level image quality.”
Caroline Rouillet

Caroline Roullet

Chief Marketing Officer - Viva Technology

“Voilà finally offers a solution that all event enthusiasts have been waiting for, a digital platform designed specifically for the needs of corporate events.”
Geoffroy Sirven Vienot

Geoffroy Sirven-Vienot

VP Public Relations Events Sponsoring Partnerships Communication & Brand Direction - Orange Group

“With Voilà, I was immediately seduced by the functionalities, the design, the future developments, the capacities for interaction with the public. This solution therefore expands our digital offer at the Palais des Festivals.”
Regis Faure

Régis Faure

Commercial Director in charge of digital projects - Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes

"Since the beginning of its journey, Voilà knows how to reinvent itself: there are 3D integrations, and they are always on the lookout for the latest technologies to incorporate into their platform. And that makes the difference!"
Florence Pouzoulet

Florence Pouzoulet

Director of Productions at PublicisLive