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Voilà x Livewan: Engie's unprecedented Live Show!

The live show is a concentrate of innovation thanks to the Voilà platform and the teams of Livewan.

The principle is as follows: a theme centered on a customer problem, experts present to answer questions and interactions to captivate the audience, such as a game contest.

Voilà benefits:

  • The player integrated into the Engie web site.
  • The ability to integrate the video stream into a banner Ad served.
  • Relevant animations and activities: contact forms, product sheets, contests and satisfaction surveys.

Production: Livewan


Voilà, the solution used by Orange Group for internal and external communications.

170 streaming events have been carried out on Voilà since 2023, without any interruption of service.

Voilà benefits:

  • The security and reliability of the video stream for highly strategic moments for the company.
  • The ability to interact with its audience, which is an essential value in the Group's culture.
  • The player integrated into the Orange corporate web site, studio and auditoriums.
  • Compliance with all safety and quality requirements.

Break Poverty Foundation

Voilà, the solution used by the foundation to speak live and raise awareness about a cause.

Break Poverty used the Voilà solution to launch its campaign to raise awareness about early child poverty.

Voilà benefits:

  • Interactive and immersive activities to raise public awareness for a cause.
  • Small-group sessions to encourage attendees to explore issues in greater depth
  • A new real-time donation module to allow the public to donate at any time during the streaming event. Results: 10% of attendees donated during the streaming event!

Viva Technology

Voilà, the streaming solution for VivaTech

For the second year in a row, Viva Technology, the main European event dedicated to start-ups and technology, has chosen Voilà as a solution to broadcast its 80 conferences.

80 hours of streaming, 3 stages, 3 days.

126 connected countries.

300,000 attendees.

Velotyping integration.

Voilà benefits:

  • The security and reliability of the video stream for long-term streaming, for a highly strategic moment for the company.
  • The player integrated into the Viva Technology web site.
  • Extensive customization of the player (personalized emojis, color of icons and questions).

Shine Gospel Awards

Voilà and his first Streaming Concert: Conference Spaces for Shine Gospel Awards

3h30 of streaming show.

2,000 streaming tickets sold in 24 hours.

90 countries connected during the stream.

Over 30,000 interactions generated by attendees.

1 concert scheduled again in 2024.

Voilà benefits:

  • The integration and management of streaming ticketing on the platform.
  • Great scalability and global accessibility for viewers all over the world.
  • An immersive and interactive experience for viewers, allowing them to interact and communicate with artists live.