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Integrations for your live

Take advantage of our integrations to maximize the power of your live.

The Voilà platform offers you the possibility of integrating with numerous third-party services to constantly improve the live experience. Whether for the purpose of customer knowledge, conversion, or quality, our integrations are simple and fluid.

hive logokollective logo

Peer to Peer integration

With Kollective or Hive you offer the best user experience for the live video broadcast on Voilà by using the network in an optimized way.

Peer-to-peer integration offers several advantages:

  1. Improved scalability : By using peer-to-peer connections for video streaming, the load on central servers is reduced. This allows the platform to better manage traffic spikes without the need to invest heavily in server infrastructure.
  2. Reduced bandwidth costs : Peer-to-peer connections allow the bandwidth load to be distributed between users themselves, which reduces costs for the platform by reducing dependence on bandwidth providers.
  3. Improving broadcast quality : By using direct connections between users for video streaming, latency can be reduced, improving the overall quality of live streaming by reducing delays and interruptions.
  4. Increased resilience : Peer-to-peer networks can be more resilient to outages or connectivity issues because they don't rely on centralized infrastructure. This ensures better availability of video content for users, even in the event of network issues.
  5. Protection against DDoS attacks : Peer-to-peer distribution can help mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by distributing the load among peers, making it more difficult for attackers to effectively target central servers.
  6. Increased confidentiality : In some cases, peer-to-peer connections can offer better privacy, as data is exchanged directly between peers without going through central servers, reducing the possibility of interception or surveillance.
Okta logoAzure Active Directory Logo

SSO integration

With Okta, OneLogin, Azure you can offer to benefit

  1. Seamless user experience : Users only need to log in once to access all the platform's features. This greatly simplifies their experience and reduces the friction of connecting multiple times.
  2. Enhanced security : SSO makes it possible to centralize identity and access management, making it easy to implement robust security policies, such as two-factor authentication and access rights management.
  3. Simplified account management : Platform administrators can manage user accounts more effectively, especially when it comes to creating, editing, and deleting accounts, as well as managing access permissions.
Hubspot logoMicrosoft Dynamics Logo

CRM integration

With Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics, make live an effective lever in your marketing strategy. You will thus benefit from:

  1. In-depth understanding of the audience : The integration allows data on user interactions with the video platform to be collected and analyzed, such as questions, chat messages, and viewing time. This allows businesses to better understand their audience and adapt their content accordingly to improve engagement. And this customer knowledge is reported directly into your CRM tool.
  2. Customer relationship management : CRM integration will simplify interactions with customers. In fact, live invitations are sent directly from your CRM tool and each participant will receive their link.
  3. Improving the deliverability of your invitations : by using your CRM tool you are sure that your messages reach the recipient directly.
weezevent logoBilletWeb logo

Ticketing integration

By integrating with these ticketing solutions (Weezevent and Billetweb) you can create paid events such as concerts, shows in addition to seats in person or only remotely.Weezevent et Billetweb) vous pourrez créer des événements payants comme des concerts, des spectacles en plus de places en physique ou uniquement en distanciel.

Discover our page dedicated to the subject.

Calendly logoLinkedIn LogoTipeee logo

The call to action as close as possible to live!

You want to integrate a call to action directly into the video:

  • Your scheduler Calendly or Hubspot for a first point of exchange with prospects
  • One Form Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Hubspot, Typeform, and more to learn more about your participants
  • La registration page to your Substack, Mailchimp or Hubspot newsletter to continue the relationship even after the live
  • Les donation pages like Tipee to help the cause you're fighting for!

With Voilà, each site can be integrated and appear as a tab and then as a panel, which maximizes the conversion of your actions.

Calendly integration