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Comment réussir ses webinaires sur LinkedIn ?

Vous souhaitez maximiser votre présence sur LinkedIn et exploiter tout son potentiel pour développer votre réseau professionnel, renforcer votre autorité et générer des opportunités ? Voici notre livre blanc exclusif et gratuit : « Comment réussir ses webinaires sur LinkedIn ? » avec Emmanuelle Petiau, experte LinkedIn.

Ne manquez pas cette opportunité de transformer votre présence en ligne et de captiver votre audience cible.

A communication objective for a streaming format

Discover our white paper “What streaming formats for what communication objectives? ”. Immerse yourself in a wealth of valuable insights to choose the most powerful and most appropriate streaming formats according to your communication and marketing goals.

With Voilà, turn your webinars into memorable experiences, boost audience engagement and successfully achieve your specific goals. Download now to find out how to maximize the impact of your online speaking!

The 2024 Calendar of Voilà and all the opportunities to do a streaming during the year

Is the cohesion of your teams a major issue for you? Interactive streaming is the solution to breathe new energy and strengthen the relationships that are the strength of your company.

Discover our “Streaming Calendar in 2024”, the perfect tool to guide you throughout the year. 14 key dates have been identified to plan captivating communication actions!

Use this calendar as a practical guide to boost your internal communication strategy and make each month an opportunity to strengthen professional relationships within your company.

Strengthen team cohesion thanks to internal live

The internal online event is a powerful tool for strengthening team cohesion.

In our expert guide, you'll find tips on how to encourage interaction, foster collaboration, and build trust between your employees.

If you are looking to strengthen relationships between your employees, this guide is essential.

Download this guide to explore proven strategies for fostering a sense of unity within your team through internal lives.

Liveshow guide

Top 5 tips for a successful internal communication

Successful internal communication = uniting employees, strengthening commitment and contributing to the overall success of the organization.

This white paper explores the five essential tips from the communication and management expert, Frédéric Fougerat, for successful internal communication.

Hybrid events — 5 formats for success

Many hybrid events are still far from meeting expectations. Too often, the digital experience is insufficient to effectively engage remote participants, which is a source of disappointment compared to the physical experience.

There you go and Digitevent are teaming up to share their experience of hybrid events in a white paper.

This white paper details 5 event formats specially designed to improve the hybrid experience, ranging from describing the set-up to organizing before, during, and after the event.