No more big meetings, now it's time for interactive broadcasts with Voilà! 🎥✨ New video in collaboration with "Le Télétravailleur"

Voilà our offers

With Voilà, you benefit from all our features, and the price only varies according to the number of attendees... and whether or not you want to be accompanied!

Up to 30 simultaneous participants
$ /month
  • Up to 20 minutes per session
  • Realization in Web Studio
  • Available without downloading
  • 1 administrator
Above 500 and up to 200K simultaneous participants


  • Unlimited number of sessions
  • Up to 4 hours per session
  • Web studio and Pro Studio (external video production)
  • Premium support (email and dedicated CSM)
  • First streaming event assistance
  • Unlimited administrators

Our features

Interactive Video Player

  • Full HD, Low latency (less than 3 sec), up to 8.5 Mbps, self-adaptive
  • Chat (with moderation), customizable emojis
  • Over 15 engagement activities: quiz, poll, word cloud, satisfaction survey, video question, photo wall, interactive map
  • 5 conversion tools: contact form, product sheet, external link, clickable number, redirection


  • Scripting of your sessions (activity, tool, chapter, note, video scene)
  • Intro and outro video, waiting loop

Web Studio

  • Up to 9 on-stage speakers and 16 speakers backstage
  • PDF integration
  • Screen sharing
  • Video integration
  • 6 video compositions
  • Subtitles
  • Branding (backgrounds, overlays, nameplate with job title)
  • Moderator and host decks

Pro Studio

  • RTMPS ingestion
  • Multilingual
  • Stenography deck
  • Moderator and host decks

Invitation and Registration

  • 3 access modes: direct link, registration form, private email invitation
  • Attendees management
  • Emailing module, campaign management, segmentation by group

Mini Website

  • Hosting for live sessions and replays
  • Page customization
  • Branding
  • Highlighting speakers
  • 10 available languages


  • Audience curve
  • Chat messages
  • Activity results
  • Conversion tool funnel
  • Export to PDF, PNG, or EXCEL


  • On-demand hosting and distribution
  • Automatic chaptering


  • CRM (Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • SSO (Okta, Azure, Single Sign-On)
  • Ticketing solution (Billetweb, Weezevent)
  • Advertising on media platforms (Ouest France, Le Bon Coin, Orange Advertising, Se Loger, Ebra)
  • Third-party websites