No more big meetings, now it's time for interactive broadcasts with Voilà! 🎥✨ New video in collaboration with "Le Télétravailleur"

Integrate your broadcast on a fully personalized web page

With Voilà, you can create a website dedicated to video streaming, fully customizable in your brand's colors.

Our aim is to provide you with an online space that suits you, where you will feel right at home.

Present your streaming broadcasts in a professional and compelling way, while offering your audience an immersive experience.


Customize every aspect of your website to accurately reflect your brand image. With Voilà, you have total control over the appearance and content of your dedicated site.

  • Choice of colors and fonts
  • Custom emojis set
  • Integration of logos and images
  • Banner creation at the top of the page (title, subtitle, description, image or video teaser)
  • Editing sections and organizing by categories
  • Integration of speakers (with photo, function, biography)

Customized video experience

Offer a personalized video experience, as close as possible to your public.

  • With Voilà, create a video experience that reflects you.
  • Easily integrate the video player into any environment.
  • Our solution offers you total flexibility, with the possibility of modifying content in real time.
  • Whether on the client site, in a corporate intranet, a mobile application or even banner ads, our platform adapts to your needs for an optimal experience, as close as possible to your audience.