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Webinar or video conference? Do we really know the difference between the two? We will quickly see together the nuances between these concepts.

(Find our video webinar tutorials here)Let's get back to the basics of the subject.

  • The webinar : it's a scripted presentation, conference, or online workshop. It generally has a more structured format, with a facilitator who shares information and interacts with participants. For example, an online training course on the new functionalities of a software or a workshop on best practices in digital marketing.
  • Video conferencing : it is a group of people who communicate via a video connection. It can be more informal. For example, a team that discusses the progress of a project or collaborates on ideas.

Let's take a closer look at the differences:

  • The objective of a webinar is to inform, train or present specific content to a broad and targeted audience.
  • The objective of a videoconference is often real-time communication for work meetings, informal discussions or collaborations.
  • In terms of format, the webinar is more structured with a main presenter, slides, and scheduled Q&A sessions.
  • Video conferencing can be more casual, with group discussions, spontaneous screen shares, and more informal interactions.

This is why different tools are generally used. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom are perfect for video conferences but less efficient than a webinar tool like Voilà, which is simply made for that. Now we need to: This difference be more clear for you despite the fact that the terms “webinar” and “videoconference” are often used interchangeably. Their goals, formats, and audiences are different. So it's up to you to choose the one that suits you. That's it, you now know a little more about the subject! Hope this quick guide has enlightened you. Do not hesitate to leave your questions as a comment to the video on YouTube, we will be happy to answer them. Also find our first article on the subject here.For more exciting content, stay tuned for our next articles and videos and find out now our webinar tool.

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