No more big meetings, now it's time for interactive broadcasts with Voilà! 🎥✨ New video in collaboration with "Le Télétravailleur"

Each month, discover the main updates on our platform. This month, we're introducing a more comprehensive organization library, an improved mobile app, and a new feature to use sparingly.

Jingle Book: Build Your Own Music Jingle Library

Each organization now has its own cold video base. Innovation? Now you can use them directly in Web Studio sessions to improve your live stream and take it to a new level. As an added bonus, we're including a few countdown videos by default!

The Voilà video library to go faster in dressing up your event.

Phone Game: The best camera is the one you have in your pocket.

The Voilà Live application, available on iOS and Android, is now a real pocket studio with the addition of two new features: Virtual background option, as offered by videoconferencing solutions Display of discussion messages from participants and private chat from organizers, to react and respond.

L'application Voilà Live permet désormais d'ajouter des arrières plans

Troll: A feature to be used sparingly

Voilà's cat is evolving! As an organizer, you can now:

  • Delete unwanted chat messages
  • Monitor messages from potential trolls
  • And as a last resort, ban one or more participants.

Delete messages, monitor certain users' messages and ban them.

It's easy - you can do it right from the participants' view in the studio.

Request a demo 🚀 If you want to master our platform from A to Z, take advantage of our new training offer:

- 2-hour beginner training

- Advanced one-day training.

For more information, contact our support by email at

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