No more big meetings, now it's time for interactive broadcasts with Voilà! 🎥✨ New video in collaboration with "Le Télétravailleur"

Did you know that some of our customers have 10 times more audience in replay than in live? We have exciting news to share with you. You will discover that no other platform offers such an interactive Replay experience.

Where can I find the replays?

Simple: by clicking on this icon at the level of your session.

Capture d'écran Voilà le Replay

Let's move on to the next one.

What do we find in the Replay section?

Here's how to publish a replay:

La page de gestion des replays

How is the replay interactive?

Because you can find the activities there as during the live. These are the white markers that appear on the timeline:

The activities available in replay are today:

  • the products,
  • the forms,
  • the results of the quiz,
  • the click to call,
  • the 3D model,
  • redirects,
  • the results of the polls.

The forms, the click to call, the redirections, the products or the 3D model remain interactive, even in replay.And remember: everything that cannot be measured does not improve. So, you can find in the statistics section the average time spent watching the replay as well. To impress your participants, do not hesitate to send them the link to the replay a few hours after your live.

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