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Let's summarize. The last articles of this blog gave you tips to significantly improve your sound, image and lighting. This is a kind of summary that will completely subjectively advise you on the best setups according to your budget. Let's go!

The zero euro setup: the eco-designed webinar

You don't have to spend money to professionalize your webinars.

Here are our tips for making the most of what you already have:

  • Use A headset with a microphone. Your Airpods or even wired headphones will sound better than the external microphone on your computer.
  • Settle in facing a window in order to benefit from natural light. And above all, beware of the backlight! Absolutely avoid settling in with the light in your back.
  • Frame yourself so that you have the eyes at the level of the first upper third of the image.
  • A colored or white wall will do the trick as a background. You can Warm up the atmosphere with some personal items such as a bookcase and/or a lamp.
  • It is time touse the ethernet cable provided by your Internet service provider in order to connect it directly to your computer and to your Internet Box. You will thus have the best possible upload and download speed.

This recovered setup will cost you zero euros.

Do you want to look even more professional without spending money? Use the Voilà Live app disponible On iOS and android in order to have the best possible image quality.

The 100 euro setup: the improved webinar

Here is what seems most consistent to us:

  • The Blue Ice USB micro will give you very good sound quality for a minimum budget.
  • The Razer Kiyo webcam has the advantage of offering you better image quality than many computers in addition to built-in circular lighting. This avoids the purchase of a dedicated LED panel.
  • Use your usual helmet for the return sound.

The advice given in the zero euro setup is always good to take into account for this setup. And for the next one as well.

The 1000 euro setup: the content creator's webinar

Here, we are aimed at those who do webinars but also why not a YouTube channel or a podcast that allows them to justify larger expenses:

  • A Shure Shure SM7B mic: He is THE microphone star. Its recognizable look makes it a favorite toy for streamers and podcasters.
  • A Rode PSA1 mic arm to carry the SM7B (which weighs almost 1 kg).
  • A sound card Universal Audio Volt176 inimitable thanks to its pre-amplification.
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80 ohm headphones to refine the very professional look and especially to be able to chat for hours without any discomfort in the ears.
  • The Canon Powershot V10 Vlogging Camera used as a webcam to benefit from a balanced and very detailed image. You can also use the Sony ZV-1F, more expensive, however.
  • Full lighting via The Logitech Beam or the Logitech Litra completed by two mini led panels from Neewer. 
  • One or more Philips Hue lamps or competitors to “colorize” your wall and background.

As you can see, there is something for everyone!

It's up to you to choose what's best for you. Our final piece of advice: start with the zero euro setup. Who knows, maybe that will be enough.

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It's up to you to play! And for that, we invite you to test Voilà, our all-in-one tool for your internal and external webinars of course:

📬 Management of participants, mailing campaigns, automation of reminders.

🛜 A website to broadcast your webinar, highly customizable to adapt to your brand.

🎬 A web studio to produce and broadcast your own show without having to use a control room.

🕹️ Live activities such as quizzes, polls, word clouds etc. to keep the attention of your participants.

🧰 Call to action to be activated live to suggest making an appointment during, downloading a white paper, organizing a competition etc.

📺 Broadcast of the replay just after the live.

📊 Ultra-advanced balance, with super stylish graphs

See you soon on Voilà!

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