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Improving the professionalism of your webinar also involves lighting. Here are some tips to give your image a new dimension by playing with light.

There are a few tips you should know in order to improve your lighting during a webinar without investing your light.

  • Never turn your back on a light source like a window for example. You would be against the light and your participants will have difficulty discerning your traits. Instead, the light source should ideally be facing you.

  • Use the lamps you have available : to give a bit of style to your decor, use a few lamps that you already have in your possession. They will provide a warm atmosphere.

  • Use the Artificial Intelligence of your hardware. On Mac, for example, it is possible to use the “studio light” mode to improve your lighting regardless of the conditions.

It is possible to go further for only a few euros.

Here are some references that take up little space and provide enough light for a small budget:

  • The Logitech Litra Glow Premium is an LED lamp that is positioned on the upper edge of your screen. You can adjust the heat of the light emitted (more or less yellow) and its power. We like the adjustment via the dedicated software.

  • Elgato offers an equivalent model: The Elgato Key Light Neo which will also do the trick and will also sit on the top edge of your computer screen.
On the left, the Elgato KeyLight Néo, on the right, the Logitech Glow

These two lamps are positioned in the center in order to light you from the front.

To complete, you can get mini led panels that will uncover the last shadows of your image by being positioned to your right and to your left.

We recommend the Neewer mini led video. It is an ultra-transportable mini led panel that can be recharged via USB. Very practical and inexpensive. Count about twenty euros for each so forty euros per pair (right and left).

A final tip to professionalize your lighting: use color led lamps.

You may have one or more multi-colored LED lamps at home as Philips offers with its famous Hue range. Well, these lamps are perfect for “colorizing” a wall and give a very professional touch to your lighting like Youtubers or Twitchers do.

More expenses you tell me?

If you don't have this kind of equipment, get it for only ten euros multicolored gelatin photo filters to stick on your white lamps. Guaranteed effect as here:

Lighting by Voilà The show with the Logitech Glow Litra and two mini Neewer led panel. a Philips Hue allows you to colorize the wall.

It's up to you to play! And for that, we invite you to test Voilà, our all-in-one tool for your internal and external webinars of course:

📬 Management of participants, mailing campaigns, automation of reminders.

🛜 A website to broadcast your webinar, highly customizable to adapt to your brand.

🎬 A web studio to produce and broadcast your own show without having to use a control room.

🕹️ Live activities such as quizzes, polls, word clouds etc. to keep the attention of your participants.

🧰 Call to action to be activated live to suggest making an appointment during, downloading a white paper, organizing a competition etc.

📺 Broadcast of the replay just after the live.

📊 Ultra-advanced balance, with super stylish graphs

See you soon on Voilà!

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