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Alive Group reopened its doors on the occasion of the third edition of its Summit. The appointment took place in their premises in Tourcoing, on August 31 and September 1, 2023.

Here we go to the Alive Summit #3!

On the occasion of the third edition of its Summit, Voilà was selected from among a dozen other startups to present themselves at this innovation showroom and offer our innovative solution. For two days, we were given the opportunity to present our technology and service, which can change the current vision of event organization and management. In the heart of the Summit, we also benefited from a presentation of our product during a pitch session in front of an expert audience “What media for innovative 360 communication? ” .The other good news is that Voilà has also been chosen as the platform for the live broadcast of all conferences, pitch sessions and radio sets. We were very proud of it! Because yes, sharing these strong moments of creating relationships, which was the main theme of this Summit, also means thinking of ALL participants, even remotely. Whether physical or virtual participants, all are the key players in the event. And was recognized that the Voilà platform is the interactive and immersive solution to bring together all these types of participations. This leads us to say: NO hybrid events are not dead! But you have to think about them intelligently; don't just duplicate the event to make it digital.

  • Create live video sessions, conferences, panel discussions, pitches... anything that might be of interest to remote participants.
  • Briefing the presenters and speakers to interact with people virtually and ask for their participation: “You who are watching us from home.”
  • Capture the attention of your remote audience by offering them interactive activities, to make them feel that their opinion is taken into account, perhaps through quizzes or surveys whose results are used for the rest of the event.
  • And for the participants in physics? Don't worry, there's something for everyone! The live is perfectly adapted on mobile; physical participants can interact during the live with the chat or questions and participate in survey activities for example.
  • The exclusivity of Voilà: the product in 3D in the video stream and manipulable by everyone individually. A clickable purchase button can also be integrated: ideal for product presentations and launches.

In the end, the results of this event are:More than 1500 participants over two days of event for this great edition of the Summit. 👉 An opening plenary with Jason Chicandier👉 4 class speakers Alexis Devillers, James Debos, Fischer Marc, Nicolas Wallaert👉 5 pitch sessions 👉 12 exhibitors at the supplier show 👉 16 startups

A few words about Alive

Building relationships, generating connections, sharing knowledge... that is what Alive Group is all about. Through gathering, technology or teaching, it is the striking emotions, facilitated connections and enriched learning that make us grow, allow us to surpass ourselves, to go further.It is on the strength of this expertise that Alive proposes to look to the future together, in a resolutely optimistic way, drawing on both simplicity, creativity and responsibility. These are their values, their commitments and above all, it is their passion!

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