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Ready to dive into the exciting world of live video and dynamic editing?

The rise of video is undeniable and inevitable. Did you know that more than 80% of the content consumed online will be in video format by the end of 2024? Clearly, this form of communication is firmly established in our media landscape.

Other figures speak for themselves:

  • 88% of organizations are considering a hybrid future for their events.
  • 61% of organizations have already invested in virtual event platforms, responding to the impact of the pandemic.

This is an indisputable reality that highlights the growing importance of video in communication and marketing strategies. It embodies interaction, stimulates exchanges and creates an authentic connection with your audience. Today, as this trend continues, we are delighted to present two major players: Voilà and Yuzzit, two complementary platforms that offer efficient and innovative management of your live broadcasts.

Why are Voilà and Yuzzit complementary?

Live interaction with Voilà

Voilà goes far beyond simple live streaming. As the most versatile, narrative and interactive live video platform, Voilà revolutionizes the way you engage your audience. It turns your broadcasts into real captivating programs, amplifying the impact of your message.

No more monotonous online meetings; today 70% of an audience disconnects after 8 minutes. The objective of Voilà is twofold:

  1. Ensuring that senior management can speak effectively to all of its employees. Today, finding a robust setup to broadcast a quality live stream remains a challenge for many organizations.
  2. Disrupting audiovisual production so that everyone can improve their video speaking. No more need for professional control room or staff. Today, it is possible to produce a live broadcast from a computer without downloading any software.

With Voilà, transform the experience of all your events: webinars, virtual shows, hybrid events, concerts/shows, Live Shopping and all your internal communications, external and financial.

Voilà: the interactive live video platform

Yuzzit for video cutting and live publishing

Yuzzit, the multi-use video editor, completes Voilà's arsenal by offering advanced features to transform your lives into powerful content. Yuzzit's mission is to make life easier for those who need to produce content from any live stream, video rush or webinar and share it to animate their communities, while optimizing their team's time and production deadlines.

With Yuzzit, you can:

  • Cut live and personalize your videos : Select key moments in your broadcasts and cut them down to create short video clips. Add graphic elements such as logos, pre-roll, post-roll, and subtitles for a professional look.
  • Post instantly on all social platforms : Share your videos in a few clicks on all social platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, X, and more, to maximize their reach. A video can be published simultaneously on all selected destinations, in the appropriate format.
  • Optimize your replays : generate your replays and use them to extend the engagement of your audience, an essential asset for your company's content strategy. Cut your replay into short videos or create a best-of video that includes the best moments of your live event.
Yuzzit: the multi-use video editor

A complete live video strategy

To maximize the impact of your live broadcasts, a well-thought-out strategy is essential. From teasing to replay, every step of your live journey needs to be carefully planned and executed.

A. Teasing

There's nothing like a well-designed teaser to create expectations. With Voilà, design a customized mini website. Present your live broadcasts in an environment that is entirely your own, offering your audience an immersive experience. On this site, you can present the synopsis, the live video, past and future videos, speakers... Fully customizable, you can adjust fonts, background colors, and integrate a captivating teaser video. And if you want to go further, this site can be integrated into any ecosystem, be it an intranet or a client site.

Before the live event, use Yuzzit to produce powerful teasers. Cut video clips or prepare special messages, highlighting for example: the program, the speakers, or the main topic in the form of numbers or reasoning questions. These video clips and preliminary messages get your audience excited and maximize participation in your event.

B. The Live

Broadcast your live stream with Voilà and use its interactive features to engage your audience and capture their attention. Offer interactive moments, whether to engage or convert, thanks to more than 20 real-time interactive tools such as polls, quizzes, Q&A, chat sessions, word clouds, satisfaction surveys, etc.

Meanwhile, Yuzzit assists you in the instant cutting and publication of video content, facilitating post-production and optimization work.

C. The Replay

After the live show, use the Voilà's detailed analysis tools to assess the performance of your broadcast.

The motto at Voilà: “What cannot be measured, can not be improved.”

Voilà offers you the analysis of your audience for each of your sessions, with an audience curve and an engagement rate, so you can understand what enabled your audience to interact and their level of involvement.

Afterwards, use Yuzzit to edit and improve your replay. Add annotations, attractive visuals and subtitles. Then publish this replay on your various social networks and websites to extend the engagement of your audience and maximize the reach of your content.



The combined strengths of Voilà and Yuzzit meet a very specific objective:

Improve your speaking engagements to optimize and enrich the customer experience, and win the battle for attention by offering original, interactive formats.

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of live video and dynamic publishing?
Come and explore the infinite possibilities of interactive video and custom publishing.

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