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An Innovative Project in the midst of a Housing Crisis

In the midst of a housing crisis, communicating effectively in the real estate sector has become a major challenge. It is in this difficult context that Bouygues Immobilier has chosen to innovate by betting on live, while breaking the codes of traditional live commerce. This project, called “Immo pour Tous”, was carried out in partnership with Livewan and Voilà, two major players in interactive live streaming.

Objectives and Problems

The housing crisis has not reduced demand, but it has made the task of finding future buyers much more complex. Bouygues Immobilier sought to stand out by innovating in its communication to reach its target audience and turn this crisis into an opportunity.

A Solid and Innovative Communication Strategy

The strategy implemented by Bouygues Immobilier and Livewan is based on two pillars: innovation in format and content, and innovative media distribution.

1. Innovation in Format and Content:

  • User-centric approach: Rather than focusing only on products, the approach was focused on users. As housing ads are omnipresent, the show chose to deal with captivating topics such as the Pinel Law, new regulations and the valuation of properties.
  • Interactive show: By highlighting Bouygues Immobilier's real estate expertise, the show was able to engage the public through polls, quizzes and live answers from experts. This interactive format, based on “storyselling”, provided real advice while encouraging people to make an appointment or fill out forms to continue the discussion. Thus, for 45 minutes, experts discussed with the public, and at the same time, appointments were offered, in just a few clicks.

2. Media Innovation:

  • Live Media: Doing a show is a good thing, but what is the audience? Knowing that one of the challenges of live is to attract viewers, Livewan proposed a live media broadcast: Live media. For the first time in France, the live was broadcast directly to audience hubs. The live video stream was integrated into banner ads on the home page of Seloger, on the Real Estate tab of Leboncoin, as well as on the site of Bouygues Immobilier. In other words, “Fish where the fish are” - catch the audience where it is. Thanks to Voilà's technology, it was possible to perform multicasting without latency, reaching a large audience where they were.

Impressive results

The real estate sector saw a drop of 27% at the end of September 2023 compared to the previous year. However, the show “Immo pour tous” by Bouygues Immobilier generated remarkable results:

  • Audience: 5 million page views and 10,000 live participants.
  • Commitment: 230 appointments were made during the 45 minutes of the show.
Manifesto: Live Conseil Bouygues Immobilier - “Immo pour tous”

An Award-Winning Project

The project “Immo pour tous” by Bouygues Immobilier was put online on 5 October 2023. To watch this live again, you can consult the Bouygues Immobilier website: Replay of the show.

In recognition of this innovative initiative, Livewan and Voilà received the bronze award at Digital Strategies Grand Prix 2024. This prestigious ceremony organized by Strategies, the weekly reference of marketing, communication and media, rewards the best digital communication strategies.

A jury composed of experts, agency directors and marketing and corporate communication directors met in April, following an online pre-selection carried out by the jurors themselves, to award the 2024 Prizes.

On June 12, the winners were announced, honoring the project”Live Conseil Bouygues Immobilier“in the category Live Commerce.


The success of "Live Conseil Bouygues Immobilier" shows that even in times of crisis, innovation and commitment can make a difference. At Voilà, we are proud to have contributed to this revolutionary project and we will continue to transform business communication through our interactive live streaming solutions.

For more information about our services and how we can help your business stand out, contact us today. Together, let's transform your communication into an interactive and engaging experience.

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