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Convincing your CMO to start webinars? Not always easy. And yet, marketing webinar or communication webinar are two indispensable in a growth strategy. Here are some arguments to convince you and your CMO or Dircom to consider the webinar as essential for your online success!

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Here are the unstoppable arguments to convince your CMO to start webinars:

  • It allows create strong relationships. The live interactions that webinars allow naturally establish an authentic and personal connection with your viewers. It's going well beyond simple likes or comments on social networks.
  • Your audience's trust and loyalty to your brand is improving thanks to webinars. Especially if you present quality webinars that you organized in advance and customized with a dedicated platform like Voilà.
  • See webinars as a conversion tool. Yes, it is a great tool for convert viewers into customers potentials. It's up to you to be convincing and offer real value to your audience.
  • And finally, it's a huge viral potential. When you create engaging and high-value content, your participants are more likely to share with their networks, which can dramatically change your online reach and influence. A 45-minute webinar will also give you plenty of content to share on social networks by cutting your replay into as many striking sequences.

That's why webinars are much more than just online events. The benefits generated are enormous. They are versatile and powerful tools that can transform your online presence, generate qualified leads, and strengthen your position in your field. Do not hesitate any longer, and at worst test and you'll see... But integrate webinars into your marketing strategy!

That's it, you now know a bit more about the subject! Hope this quick guide has enlightened you. Also find our first article on the subject here.

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