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Even if it means organizing a webinar, you might as well make it compelling and persuasive! There are four main areas when pitching a webinar: The presentation, the introduction, the development of the subject (this is where we will focus the most) and the conclusion. What are our recommendations for each stage? Answers in this article!

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Let's detail the elements that will allow you tobe compelling and persuasive during your webinar :

  1. Introduce yourself: It seems obvious but many speakers forget to show up at the start of the webinar. Describe your role as explicitly as possible and then present potential stakeholders. Also, remember to thank your audience for attending.
  2. Introduce the subject : What is the problem of the day? What questions are we going to ask ourselves? How long are we together? These are all questions to deal with at the start of the webinar to reassure your participants.
  3. The development of the subject : this part is the longest:
  • Keep it short. The capacity for attention on the web is constantly decreasing. So cut to the chase and plan regular interactions with the audience in order to keep them with you.
  • Don't repeat yourself. This is the most important point to respect! One idea per sentence that's all.
  • Speak in style: punchline, anaphor, metaphor, image, anadiplose... So many figures of speech that will leave an impression.
  • Tell a story. It's a good way to get the viewer to identify with what you're saying.
  • Put yourself in the place of the spectator and for that use simple words.
  • Diversify the supports: We will never stop saying it but use visual supports: slides, charts or videos to reinforce and make your arguments more powerful.
  1. The conclusion: Summarize the critical information you shared and answer questions from participants. Don't forget to thank them a second time for their participation!

The extra tip: a few days before the webinar, rehearse and time yourself. This will help you streamline the writing process, avoid it being too long and eliminate redundancies. With Voilà, we have a driver that allows you to structure the entire pitch of your presentation and your activities like this:

It's up to you to play now! And for that, we invite you to test Voilà, our all-in-one tool for your internal and external webinars of course:

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See you soon on Voilà!

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