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Is it that easy to host a webinar ? How do you make it lively and interactive? Let's discover together some secrets to boost your presentation!

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Solving the attention problem

The problem is that we have limited attention spans. Look at this audience curve on a webinar. More than 30% of the participants leave before the end of the live!

Le problème c’est qu’on a une capacité d’attention limitée. Regardez cette courbe d’audience sur un webinaire. Plus de 30 % des participants partent avant la fin du live ! Alors il faut régulièrement réveiller l’attention de vos participants.

So you need to regularly Awaken the attention of your participants to Host your webinar.

How do you host your webinar?

There are several solutions for Host a webinar :

  • Above all, think about energizing your presentation. To do this, set the tone, use humor, present powerful statistics and concrete examples to capture the attention of your audience right from the start.
  • Then throughout your live integrate visual supports such as slides, charts, images, and videos. These visual elements Stimulate attention and help illustrate your points more effectively. In any case, do not overload the slides with text; keep it simple and remember thatA picture is worth a thousand words !
  • And then depending on the tool you use, you can integrate activities ! Suggest a Icebreaker, you know these activities to set the mood! Because it's always hard to start without knowing if everyone is there or not, listening or not. The icebreaker gets everyone in the mood, it's like A warming up of the brain. To do this, use surveys or better still the interactive Voilà map. Success guaranteed!
  • Welcome the participants who express themselves in the chat, greet them! Ask them a question so they can introduce themselves: what is your job? What do you expect from this webinar? In short, connect with them!
  • The basis, of course, is to create question and answer sessions. You can invite participants to Ask questions in the live chat or to use an integrated question and answer function, but above all, take the time to answer these questions in depth to promote interaction. With Voilà for example, we have also developed a more advanced tool to allow certain participants to enter the live and Ask a video question, and that's cool to animate your live;) It's like passing the microphone in the room!
  • Think of live polls. It's great for getting your audience's opinions on specific topics or getting feedback on what was just said. The good thing about surveys is that they show participants that you care about them and that allows you to maintaining commitment by involving them.
  • If your platform allows it, integrate quizzes, they are instructive while being interactive moments where you encourage the audience to still participate. If you can, organize a kind of small competition, where the winner of the quiz will win a gift at the end of the webinar.
  • Oh yes, and ask participants to play with emojis, it will add a bit of fun to your webinar!
  • Create a word cloud! It's really nice... It brings live music to life! They can pursue several goals: from a simple question to find out the mood of the participants of the day to feedback on the presentation! And my little extra is to make a cloud of emojis!
  • Do you like photos? Think of the photowall! It's a great activity that everyone enjoys. You can choose the photowall in waiting activity before the start of the live to strengthen the cohesion of the participants and engage them from the first seconds. But also at the end of your webinar for a souvenir group photo. It's perfect for visual interaction and makes the overall experience more enjoyable.
  • Differentiate yourself and integrate a 3D illustration of your product. It is a method that is not often found and that makes a difference! Your audience will be able to manipulate the object as they want to see the product as realistically as possible. And yes with Voilà we do it!
  • Are you a business? Do promoting your product by leaving a link in the chat or better, integrate your product sheet directly into the video of your webinar. This sheet contains all the characteristics you need to know about the product and even the elements necessary to make the purchase directly from the live. In more detail, it is the same principle that is used during Liveshoppings ! Yes yes, so your webinars can be monetized.

Whether you are a business-oriented company or a simple organization, by incorporating these activities into your webinar, you can create an interactive and engaging experience for your audience, which will make your presentation more memorable and impactful. You will have understood that to animate, we can use a lot of different interactions, chat, click, take photos... It's the variety of interactions that will create a link with your audience. Because the real actors in your webinar are your participants!That's it, you now know a bit more about the subject! I hope this quick guide has enlightened you. Do not hesitate to leave your questions as a comment to the video on YouTube, we will be happy to answer them. Also find our first article on the subject here.For more exciting content, stay tuned for our next articles and videos and discover our webinar tool now.

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